At 13:30 EDT (17:30 UTC) on June 3, 2017, we’re thrilled to announce the Patientory crowd sale is fully subscribed! We raised $7.2 million USD (based on current ETH value) and issued 70 million PTOY. With 1728 investors, that’s more than 40,000 PTOY per investor!

Crowd Sale Statistics

The screenshot below is a frozen snapshot of the crowd sale as it ended. Please note the end time is static and shows the original end date.

Frozen snapshot of the crowd sale. 13:30 EDT, 03-June-2017

Press Release

We’ve published a press release with broader details about the crowd sale and Patientory’s goals.

Thank You!

All of us at Patientory want to take this opportunity to express our appreciation to everyone who has supported us along the way toward reaching this milestone. Whether it was your advice or your investment, we appreciate and thank you for your support.

What’s Next?

Now that the crowd sale is over, tokens will be distributed earlier than the original June 28 scheduled date. We appreciate everyone’s patience as we take the time to do a complete and proper accounting of the crowd sale.

In the meantime, we also want to answer a few recurring questions:

  • The top question we’re getting is how you can add a custom token to your wallet. If you are using MyEtherWallet (MEW), you can add PTOY as a Custom Token. Here is the procedure:
    • Click on add “Custom Token.”
    • Put the contract in address box: 0x8ae4bf2c33a8e667de34b54938b0ccd03eb8cc06
    • Enter the Token Symbol as PTOY.
    • Enter the Decimals as 8.
    • Click “Save.”
  • The second most-asked question we’re getting is about exchanges. For now, we will be traded on Bittrex, TokenMarket, HitBTC, and ICObazaar.
  • We also want to clarify some reports about HitBTC and ICObazaar.
    • After contacting both companies, we can confirm that HitBTC and ICObazaar purchased PTOY tokens during the May 2017 pre-sale.
    • Both companies have established trading instruments on their platforms, and are supplying tokens from their own previously purchased stakes.
    • The PTOY tokens being traded on HitBTC and ICOBazaar are not available for withdrawal until the official release.
    • All questions about these trading instruments should be directed to HitBTC and ICObazaar.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to drop us a line.

— The Patientory Team