Many people who participated in the pre-sale and/or the crowd sale have been asking us how much PTOY they purchased. We’re providing the calculation here.

Please note: this has also been added to the FAQ.

First, it should be noted that you should see the amouint you purchased in your wallet. What you see in your wallet does reflect your bonus.

You can verify the amount of PTOY tokens you should have with your bonus by performing this calculation:

  • Take the amount of ETH you contributed x your bonus (1.2 for the 20% bonus, 1.25 for the 25% bonus, 1.35 for the 35% bonus, 1.4 for the 40% bonus)
  • Multiply that total by $219.96 (the closing price of ETH on Kraken before the crowd sale started)
  • Finally, divide that total by the price of PTOY ($0.13).

For example: if you contributed 40 ETH during day 2 of the the crowd sale, you would get a 20% bonus. Here’s the calculation:

  • 40 ETH x 1.2 = 48
  • 48 x $219.96 = $10558.08
  • $10558.08 / $0.13 = 81,216 PTOY (with bonus).

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.